Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber spends a lot of her time on the road less traveled. From street markets in Venice, Italy to great BBQ in Lockhart, TX Felber shares her special destinations with you.

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End of Summer Travels

Where has the Summer gone? We've been busy exploring new destinations and shopping for our latest venture - the Lifestylist Look shop in Dallas, Texas.

It has taken us our usual routes and we've discovered some great small towns, attended an incredible antique car show, enjoyed some of the best corn we have ever had at a corn festival, and sat for hours enjoying the beauty of the Finger Lakes.

We hated to go home, but we are already planning our next trip to this beautiful area -take a drive and explore it yourself!

Manager at Westin Downtown Austin Goes Too Far

Summer is here! If you travel as much as we do you can see more families in the airports and hotel lobbies, and this seems like the perfect time for us to talk about how different hotels treat their guests, and what a hotel staff can do to create a memorable experience for their guests.

We are so fortunate to be able to stay at the Hammocks Communities when we travel as often as possible to the Finger Lakes region of New York. When we stay at one of the larger brands, our loyalty has been changing on who is our first choice, especially after an experience that my niece had Memorial Day weekend.

We wrote about the experience a group of young professional women had at the Westin Downtown Austin on our Lifestylist Advisory page, and I'm still really disappointed that Marriott International (who purchased the Starwood group) chose to ignore our requests for information on this incident, and in fact gave the manager who caused the issue our information. The more he writes things that are blatently not true, the more upset we get.

I love watching Below Deck on Bravo because I appreciate their attitudes (usually) towards their guests, and we live vicariously watching others experience their top shelf service. Words can be the biggest diffuser of a situation, or can work like pouring gasoline on dry wood.

Accusing a guest of something - especially before you have facts will never end well, and will quickly eat away at any loyalty the customer may have had to your brand. Embarrassing a guest in front of her friendswill create a story that will be told over and over, and people will remember the ridiculous actions of a manager over and good things the hotel may have done. This includes sending a bottle of "champagne" to a guests room that you have accused in front of other guests of using a fake ID and never acknowledging in fact it was a legal form of ID.

We used to love staying at some of the bigger brands because they offered conistency no matter where we stayed, unfortunately that sense of security no longer seems to be the case.

We would love to hear about what hotel brands have given you the best customer experiences, especially if they are a smaller brand that we don't hear about all of the time. We just know that this Westin will be one that we avoid unless changes are made.

Viva Las Vegas!

Not only is Las Vegas the city that never sleeps, it's also the city that never stops changing. Every time this Lifestylist® visits for a conference there's something new being built, or something new and exciting to see.
There is more to Las Vegas than gambling and the strip. Recently the Neon Museum moved into it's new home near downtown and it's an architectural masterpiece. This gem isn't easy to find and they require reservations, but you'll never regret making the effort to enjoy these important pieces of history. The docents are well versed in Vegas history and have a story to tell.
While you are downtown take the time to take a stroll down Fremont Street and walk through some of the old hotels that haven't changed much since the Rat Pack sang to packed houses in them. There's also great examples of historic neon pieces that have been restored and are on display.

Flying The Friendly Skies of Southwest Airlines

I am so happy that I moved my loyalty from other airlines to Southwest. This weekend it happened again - other airlines canceled hundreds of flights and my Southwest flight was delayed, but they got me to see my grandbabies a little late but safely and without a lot of stress.

Looking forward to a great year traveling on Southwest Airlines!

What is a Reservation Really Worth?

Alice Wright thought she had everything under control for the family gathering she was planning until they tried to check in at the Hilton Garden Inn that she had a reservation at. When a reservation really isn't a reservation.

Stocking Stuffers For The Traveler


As a Lifestylist® I spend a lot of time on the road, and making sure that I leave with everything that I came with is always a concern as well as just being able to find stuff when I need it.

Here are some goodies we found that will make life on the road easier.

Cocoon Knits Organizer

Cocoon Knits Organizer

Do you always end up with odds and ends all over your suitcase whenever you are traveling? This kit will help you keep all your little things neat and organized!

Cocoon Knits - Cpg51Bk 9.625" X 15.125" Grid-It(Tm) Organizer - $22.95, 7.59 shipping - Available at Marketplace

Flexible Tripod

Joby - Gorillapod Original Flexible Tripod

This tripod is really portable and can help you to take pictures anywhere. Wrap the tripod around a railing and snap your masterpiece!

Joby - Gorillapod Original Flexible Tripod (Sky Blue) - $17.00, See Site shipping - Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

Passport Travel Wallet

Passport Travel Wallet

This travel wallet will keep your passport safe and also has room for other things.

Samsonite - Luggage RFID Passport Travel Wallet, Black, One Size - $14.99, 6.48 shipping - Available at

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

If you are traveling by road, some hot coffee is sure to keep you going!

Stanley - Stanley 10-01254 Classic Vacuum Bottle 1.1 qt - Hammertone Green One Size Fits All - $22.82, 6.34 shipping - Available at

iPhone Emergency Charge

iPhone Emergency Charge

Do you ever end up without your charger? This charger will stay with you on a keychain so you will always have it.

Key Clothes - iPhone/iPod Emergency Charge-Key for Key-Chain - $15.00, 6.74 shipping - Available at Marketplace

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

The Athenaeum Hotel - Chautauqua NY

Chautauqua Institution is where time truly has stood still. My parents spent Summers there with my Dad living at the top of the boathouse, and our family has continued to spend time there for decades.

The Athenaeum Hotel was established in 1881 and sits on the shores of Chautauqua Lake. It's wide porches are a welcome area to people watch or enjoy breakfast or dinner, or to just sit and read a book.

What a special place to be able to visit or spend time at.

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